Cortaccia (which currently has about 2,200 inhabitants) is placed on a sunny terrace, at about 333 meters above sea level, in the heart of the South Tyrolean Wine Road, surrounded by vineyards and orchards. Cortaccia is one of the most well-known viticulture zones of Vernatsch vines. This area is characterized by typical old wine farms scattered on the hills surrounding this village, where we still maintain old traditions, customs and local culture.

Hikers and nature lovers can explore many trails in this area, as well as the historical Roman road that passes directly in front of our house. In a few minutes you can reach the Favogna natural paradise, where you’ll also have the chance to swim in the Lake Favogna, or you can also easily reach Lake Caldaro, where you will enjoy other water sports.

Lake Caldaro

Lake Caldaro extends over a length of 1.8 km and a breadth of 0.9 km, and lies at an altitude of 215 m above sea level, about 14 km south of Bolzano and 4 km south of Caldaro.

Lake Caldaro is one of the largest and warmest lakes in South Tyrol and in the entire Alpine area (the bathing season runs from May to September). The water temperature in summer reaches 28° C.Not only swimming, in Lake Caldaro you can also canoeing and boating, sailing and windsurfing. Around the lake there is also a walking- and bike trail.

Biotope Lake Favogna

In a few minutes you can reach Favogna natural paradise, where you will enjoy swimming in the beautiful Biotope Lake Favogna.

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